We have been in this industry and have seen hundreds of service delivery models, we have perfected the way to service our clients and the main thing is honesty!

We can service 15 000sq ft homes to a powder room renovation.


We offer a 1 DAY PAINTING  service ideal for homes getting ready for the market or retail stores which need to open the following business day.


Guaranteed Quality and A Two year Warranty.


We even offer flat rates from as low as $100.00 per room.(conditions apply)


Paint Brand Preferences are available as per our clients request's. However all of our estimates include Benjamin Moore brands.




Our main focus in painting is Quality Workmanship! This is not a student painting company! we have been in the industry for over 12 years and our area of expertise is custom homes and high end residential.

Spray finish or Brush Finish we will WOW any client with our quality finishes to your Woodwork, Cabinetry and kitchen cabinets.


Because we focus on quality workmanship we will always advise our clients on which way they should times exterior wood is better to be replaced as opposed to be repaired or repainted...we will be the painting contractors which will guide you through the correct way of maintaining and preserving your exterior woods for as long as you can.