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About Country Living Painting co.

Country Living Painting Owner Roman Reggio, has been in the home improvement and more specifically painting trade for over 20 years. Roman was a young man with a family to support and needed to find a career that would help him quickly earn an income. Through friends, he was able to secure a job as a painter. Roman admits that house painting is an easy job to obtain as it is not a regulated trade or one that requires a license however, through years of experience and training he learned it is a difficult trade to master. Yes, anyone can pick up a can of paint and a paintbrush, but it takes years of practice to truly become proficient.

Once Roman started painting he soon found out it is hard work but also something he had some natural talent towards. He was lucky to become part of a crew of painters that were truly professionals, that took pride in their work and also had a European influence in their technique. Roman soon acquired these skills as well and it led him to some prestigious high-end custom homes. Roman was also part of Meritview Decorating that worked on Jim Caruk’s TV show Real Reno’s for HGTV.

Roman soon found that he not only had a talent for painting, but also wanted to pursue his interest in business and began Country Living Painting in 2002. Roman enjoys working with clients to improve their homes both on the interior and exterior. He uses quality products and brings professionalism to any space, both large and small. Roman now leads a team that he has trained to provide the same high-quality standard and attention to detail.  The team at County Living Painting is based on the company motto


“When integrity and quality workmanship collide”.

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